Bar Accessories To Elevate The Essence Of Your Bar

Bar accessories are not only useful for your bar, they often define the unique personality of your bar. The sight of attractive accessories in your bar arouses the desire to drink a glassful of beer or wine.  So let's explore the bar accessories that attract your attention.

There are several different types of accessories that can be used in your home bar.

        Corkscrews:-

It is the most popular accessory for a bar and you can view it in each and every bar of the world. Basically, it is used to remove the cork from the wine bottle. These are available in a huge variety of sizes and shapes. This is the most common type of bar accessory that you will find in any bar. It is also known as the waiter's friend since the more wine they serve the more tips they make.

        Bottle opener:-

This is a necessity for beer lovers. There has been a craft beer revolution that has occurred throughout the world and with most craft beers a bottle opener is required. There are a myriad of styles and types of bottle openers.  There are some very unique novelty bottle openers that will attract the attention of your guests and can fit your own personality.


        Shakers:-

Shakers are a necessity for cocktail lovers.  There are a large number of drinks that require an aggressive shake to properly mix the ingredients.  While the shakers can come in these fun colors, most people prefer a more elegant approach where stainless steel or even hammered stainless steel containers are used.  


        Jiggers:-

These are the small measuring cups that some bar owners require their bartenders to use in an effort to be more precise in the alcohol pours.  After all, lots of money can float away if you have a friendly bartender that likes the tips.  There are the home bartenders that like to follow precise directions in making their drinks and so this handy tool assists in those cases also.  Jiggers come in a huge variety of styles and sizes from novelty to elegant.  Once again.....this can be another defining sign of your own personality.


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