Champagne Flutes are beautiful, but do they enhance the flavor of the wine?

The elegant design of champagne flutes are enticing, but some people believe the design is not ideal for experiencing the flavor of the wine.  In a recent blog post on VinePair it is argued that when it comes to Champagne, "drinking from flutes is like going to a concert with ear plugs because it will not let you enjoy what is inside".

Everyone has heard about the effect of oxygen on the wine's flavors and aromas.  The argument is that champagne flutes constrict the amount of oxygen that the wine receives and therefore diminishes the experience.  The argument seems logical, but in my experience I am drinking the champagne so quickly that even in a larger glass it isn't going to be exposed to much oxygen.

If you are a believer that champagne flutes are not logical for truly enjoying the flavor and aroma, then go with the standard wine glass.

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