Hottest New Summer Drinks

Anyone interested in hearing about the hottest new drinks?

Bartenders from all around the world are getting more creative every day.  How about you amateur bartenders?  I would love to hear about your own new creations.  If you are interested in subscribing to my newsletter, you can read about some of the latest creations out there.

Okay, well let's get started with a few of the drink recipes that you can try courtesy of


A Stroll in the Orchard is made with fresh white peach purée, peach liqueur, peach bitters and apricot eau-de-vie.  



An Alpine Daiquiri is the best of rum and the Italian Alps combined, with a fresh lime and tea syrup.


Habanero-infused reposado tequila is just a touch of spicy, softened (but not too sweet) with guava purée and a boozy, fluffy foam.


Gin with Douglas fir, umeboshi (Japanese salt plum) and shiso, rounded out by vermouth.



At we have all the glasses you need to prepare these hottest new drinks. 

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