Make Drinking wine an even more pleasurable experience with beautiful and functional wine accessories

Beautiful bar accessories are not only fun, but also very functional to help you enjoy your drinks.  You will find different types of bar accessories to assist you in opening, serving, and preserving your drinks. Their not just to beautify the presentation but, to also offer an enjoying experience too!

Wine aerators are very popular today.  They offer a convenient way to help your wine "breathe" during the pour.  There are several different types of aerators.  There are adjustable and variable aerators.  These aerators give the same benefits that decanters do.  

Corkscrews are not only handy for opening bottles of wine, but they can really provide a touch of class to your home bar.  Double-hinged corkscrews are popular for their ease of use, but they can also look very elegant.  The winged corkscrews are often the most used where you simply screw the device into the cork and then pull up on both wings to remove the cork.  These are frequently less expensive than others.  Some like the old-fashioned approach where you use a handle with the screw attached and simply screw down on the cork and then pull up using the handle.  Others like the newest technologies where electrical or cork pops using pressure are used to remove the cork.  Some people believe the need for corkscrews are diminishing as more wineries are producing corkless bottles of wine today.

Drink charms are very popular today with wine lovers that frequently enjoy a bottle with their friends.  The drink charms provide a fun and convenient way for friends to identify their drinks.  After all, one of the most common things to do is to forget where you set your drink down.  This is a great way to "find your drink".

With the Christmas holiday on your doorstep, beautiful gift boxes make a bottle of wine a truly memorable gift for your friends and family.  There are lots of different types of gift boxes, but the wooden boxes are one of the most popular.  

Wine stoppers are one of the most important accessories since there are a large number of people that do not finish a bottle of wine and it is very important to protect the wine from being exposed to oxygen for an extended period of time.  While the stoppers are important, they are often one of the items that offer all sorts of fun alternatives.

Finally, wine racks are a great way to store your wine and class up your home.  These are mostly a matter of taste in what you think will look good in your home.  Custom made racks can be expensive, but there are also lots of alternatives that can truly fit your personality.  

Big Bar Shots has all of the wine accessories you may need.  With the holiday season rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to find the perfect gift for friends and family.



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