The perfect beer glass for your preferred beer

It is unbelievable to see how many micro-breweries are popping up throughout the country.  This trend has been occurring now for over a decade and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down any time soon.  Craft beers are the rage today, but let's not forget about the perfect beer glass for your preferred beer.

While there are a large number of glasses today, we will briefly discuss 4 styles for your drinking pleasure.


The shaker is also frequently referred to as a "Pint" glass.  These glasses are not as popular with the Cicerone's (Beer Sommelier) because they do not present the beers as well as other more popular glasses.  They do not let in as much light due to the thickness at the bottom of the glass.  Also, due to their shape, they do not present the aroma's as well as other glasses.  However, I know plenty of people that are more interested in the effects of the beer rather than the aroma, so these glasses are the perfect glass if you are just looking to get a little light-headed.


The nonic is a British style glass also known as a "Pub" glass.  It is popular because it holds more beer (up to 20 oz).  The shape of the glass allows for a little better aroma than the shaker glass and as I already mentioned, it holds more than the Shaker so you don't have to worry about spilling as much.  This is the perfect glass if you are looking for more of the aroma, but still interested in getting a little light-headed.


The pilsner glass is considered to be perfect for the wheat beers or "Hefeweizen's".  You need to have a really good roomy glass for the Hefeweizen's because you want to have a lot of head on the beer.  The more head on the beer, the better you can retain the aroma's.


The Belgian glasses are one of the most popular for "craft beer" lovers.  You will also see these glasses referred to as the "Tulip".  It has a laser etched bottom and it does a great job at trapping the aromatics.  The lip on the glass also delivers the beer further back on the tongue for your drinking pleasure.

As you can see, there are a number of options for you beer lovers out there.  You can easily find the perfect beer glass for your preferred beer tastes. Lifehacker recently posted a great YouTube video that highlights several of the beer glasses we discussed today.  The Cicerone from Community Beer Works also provides some tips on how to properly pour the beer in these glasses.   Big Bar Shots is happy to serve your needs as you stock up your home bar for the next party!

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