Which Glass for Which Drink?

The recommended glassware for different drinks can become rather complex.  There are reasons behind recommending different glass shapes.  The intentions are to enhance the flavors.  However, don't get too wrapped up in trying to make sure you have it all figured out because most people do not know the subtle differences.  

So in answering the question, which glass for which drink, let's break it down to 3 main categories of glasses.  The Glassware Guide provided by Quality Bath provides a good summary.

Wine Glasses

White wines are larger u-shaped that are intended to keep the wine cooler and help retain the more delicate flavors these wines are known for.  There are 5 styles for white wines.

Red wine glasses are a little bit taller and a little smaller bowls.  The Bordeaux wines go into the smaller glasses while the Burgundy glasses go in the larger bowls.

Cocktail and Liquor Glasses

There is an abundance of glasses that fit into the cocktail category, but we will discuss the martini, margarita, tumblers, and shot glasses.

The martini glasses are known for their cone shape and the goal behind this shape is to keep the drink elements from separating.


The margarita glasses have a similar shape to the martini glass, but they have more of a curvy look to them.

The tumblers are generally split into tall and short.  The tall tumblers are made for drinks with larger amounts of mixers and ice.

The short tumblers come in many different variations, but these are designed for liquors served on the rocks or straight up.

Finally, the shot glass is the smallest and used for pure liquor pours.

Beer Glasses

There are generally 7 styles of beer glasses.  You don't see any strict usages of different beers in these glasses, but the recognized styles are as follows:

Hopefully this brief guide gives you some ideas on your next glassware purchases.  Big Bar Shots can help you prepare for your next event.  You can show off your knowledge now that you have the basics behind which glass for which drink.

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